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Soldier at another war September 12, 2007

Filed under: Mouth full of potatoes — Kolika C @ 2:13 pm

There’s a fire in the sky
And some acid in the rain
There goes a dead man’s hopes
And a mothers pain

There are mobs on the streets
A war on your country
Burning houses, raging flames
and people going hungry

There are children who are winning games
Intelligent design in schools
There’s a plan on everybody’s mind
And blood in your swimming pools

There’s a soldier fighting another war
the pilot I’m waiting for
there are battles he has to win
before he can clean your scars

There’s a preacher in another land
the savior I’m waiting for
there are lessons that need to be taught
before he can rule your soul

There’s vermillion all over the walls
And sweet camphor melting on my roof
There’s wine below the wooden floor and
meat roasting in a pot

We’re all waiting for the war to end
for our heroes to come back home
we’re all waiting for the feast to begin
for peace lilies on the tombs

We’re waiting for new crafts of
new sails and aeroplanes
we’re ready for the hot balloons
that will fly you to heaven and clouds higher than those.
There’s fire in the winds and a pilot I’m waiting for and I know he has to win his own battles first before he can tend to mine.



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