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Design: The Queen’s Window sculpture December 9, 2008

Filed under: art,home and garden,Upcycle & Repurpose — Kolika C @ 8:53 pm

This is one of my first pieces: about 18″ tall and width-breadth of 4″ at the widest points.

The pieces that went into this are 3/4″ thick in most places and at least 50 years old. The color plays from light gold to deep amber and even brown, with varying ambient light.

This goes very well as window decorations, a petite table lamp, a center piece or as a zen-garden decoration. Light fittings including minimal and concealed wiring can be custom fitted, also for garden fixtures, suitable metal holdings can be provided.

Exhibited at
the Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania for Jo and Gill Ward Annual Show, Aug-Sep 2008; and
Art Alliance of Central Pennsylvania Holiday Sale, Nov 2008.

recycled glass art Kolika Chatterjee

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