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Design: The Green Pillar sculpture December 10, 2008

Filed under: art,Upcycle & Repurpose — Kolika C @ 6:32 pm

So what does Green mean to you? Crispy leafy veggies? green eyes? Lush lawns in the summer? Sustainable agriculture? Recycling?

4 ft in height and 1 foot diameter the widest part.
For the gardeners out there, this is great as an out/indoor decor: Use the bowl part for gorgeous ivy and other foliage.
The ‘pillar’ can be a beautiful addition to any hall with color themes of beige, whites, browns, blues or greens!
Can be used as a lamp (customized battery operated or electric lights can be put in it–well concealed of course) to get either a rubbed hue or a bright green luminescence
I have had it without light-bulbs, near a window where it gets the evening sun and I think it just looks amazing and bright
and for crying out loud..it says
I care about green, I care about recycling“.
(not available)
recycled glass art Kolika Chatterjee

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