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In reference to the ‘My Cinderella Story’ http://kolika.blogspot.com/2009/06/my-cinderella-story.html) June 2, 2009

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So everyone thought this was very personal and instead of comments I got lengthy emails, IM-s and phone calls. I short listed the questions/comments I received so far to the 5 most interesting ones (that I previously considered duh! Apparently NOT!!)

  1. Who is Susie?

Susie Derkins, the only important secondary character with both a given name and a family name, is a classmate of Calvin’s who lives in his neighborhood. Named for the pet beagle of Watterson’s wife’s family, she first appeared early in the strip as a new student in Calvin’s class. In contrast with Calvin, she is polite and diligent in her studies, and her imagination usually seems mild-mannered and civilized, consisting of stereotypical young girl games such as playing house or having tea parties with her stuffed animals. Though both of them hate to admit it, Calvin and Susie have quite a bit in common. For example, Susie is shown on occasion with a stuffed rabbit dubbed “Mr. Bun”, and Calvin, of course, has Hobbes. Susie also has a mischievous streak, which can be seen when she subverts Calvin’s attempts to cheat on school tests by feeding him incorrect answers. Susie also regularly bests Calvin in confrontations, such as their water and snowball fights, employing guile or force. Watterson admits that Calvin and Susie have a bit of a nascent crush on each other, and that Susie is inspired by the type of woman that he himself finds attractive and eventually married. Hobbes often openly expresses his admiration for Susie, much to Calvin’s disgust.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Calvin_and_Hobbes#Susie_Derkins

  1. Who in your audience is going to understand this best?

Well… a) people who know the characters (my husband would probably top this list); b) Google-savvy others c) Mom (because she acts like a teenager who knows everything about everything d) anyone whos remotely interested… and once you understand what is there to understand if anything please let me know… because I strongly believe and support that an author/ bloggers interpretation might have nothing to do with the readers. So what do you care what I thought, just keep your brains active!

  1. Are you having hallucinations?

I dont think so… I actually dont really understand what hallucinating means… I do have a 2nd life (very conscious 2nd life that I like to call my imagination) if it means being schizophrenic or drunk I havent been diagnosed/ accused as either.

  1. Whats with the darkness, are you okay?

Yes and thank you for asking and I love you for being you!

  1. Did you write this?

…. Umm yeah sort of. Thanks for disbelieving–that was flattering! And well sort of because the characters already existed in myth, fiction and in our minds. I just changed the assumptions and its like putting new toys in a kids hand (or new munchies to Pupu)… and watch out for what they do with that…its personal enough to be written by me (as in MY Cinderella story), and impersonal enough to not portray my experience and/or thoughts about life, religion, love, mental health or fairy tales …hence my CINDERELLA (and) STORY.

The link for the story: http://kolika.blogspot.com/2009/06/my-cinderella-story-part-4.html)


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