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Design: Upcycled: Bottle slumping August 9, 2009

Made in a front loading Higuchi Kiln, 3 shelves


1. Heat at 300-350F/min to 1350 F (4 hours)
2. Hold at 1350F for 75 min
3. Heat AFAP to 1450 F
4. Hold at 1450F for 15 min
5. Cool AFAP to 990 F
6. Hold at 990F for 15 min
Shut off.
(Yellow #1 Corning Glass Museum 8-8-09 1:30 pm to 8-9-09 11 am)

“Two thumbs up” Cheese tray (made from old soda bottle)
the mouth was too heavy and there was too much (1.5″ fall from the mold I used, so I ended up breaking it 😦
” Fire and Ice” Cheese tray (made from Mazza Ice Wine Bottle, Mazza Winery PA)
I’ll rate this a 3/5, the lining could be more perfect.

“Trio” tray (made from 3 beer bottles fused together… will have to wait and see if any compatibility issues crop up–didnt test before firing)
So far it looks good…feedback–not to add the labels back on… but I’m not convinced. What say?

“Spa-tool” Spatula/Spoon rest (made from a Wine bottle, Johnson winery, NY)
“Green Tree” Tray (made from Wine Bottle, Mazza Winery PA)
this turned out nice with the wire-work and beads. Booked it for a wedding gift for a wonderful and FUN couple!

Using the same schedule, I did an experimental mid-fuse…(right) will have to slump that into a plate… ah well next time.
(C) Kolika Chatterjee 2009
Warm Glass

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