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Design: Fusing program and tutorial August 16, 2009

Made in a front loading Paragon GL-24 Kiln, 2 shelves


1. Heat @ 300F/ hr to 1220 F
2. Hold @ 1220F for 15 min
3. Cool AFAP to 960F
4. Hold @ 960F for 60 min
5. Cool @ 100F/ hr to 700 F
6. Hold @ 700F for 1 min
Shut off.

Deep forest…

Needs slumped into a tray

Tack fused
Spider Fruit Bowl… needs slumping
(left-inside; right-outside)
Tack Fused
Stripes –needs slumping into a tray/sushi plate
Tack Fused

Sword-fish… he wants it as is, I?

Slumped into a big salad plate
got some white powdery things on the glass… but it doesnt look bad because the blue is beautifully sharp with a thin black border adn the white spreads after that
Zebra… Needs slumped into a bowl


Lilac Plates : Need slumping. The lilac (which turned blue) with clear and dichroic glass.
Full fuse
Torque- Needs slumped into a dinner plate
(3 layers, clear, red transparent, black opaque and black-clear-transparent–full fused)
Basket 45– needs slumped into bowl
(tack fused)
Flat earth–needs slumped into bowl
(full fused)

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