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Maureen Costello November 6, 2009

We come here as international graduate students- anxious, unprepared, over-prepared, expecting a glory, following a halo and we find an array of other windows and doors- some open, most closed…Windows of opportunities, misgivings, dissappointments, hope, careers, lives.

One thing I realized was that although you do have an abundance of information and free brochures, you hardly ever receive guidance without a price. At such a point a lab-mate recommended that I specifically ask for Maureen Costello at the ISS advisor’s office.
Maureen gave me just that (guidance and advice that didn’t have a motive or price tag with it) and she continued to give me that through my life after graduate school.
This news was a shock and a lot of things came rushing back to mind. I feel bad for all those out there at PSU who never had the opportunity to meet her. I would miss her, but for me, remains a precious sticky note that said “Kolika, Enjoy your trip. – Maureen”

I hope she is at peace and I hope that she “enjoys her trip”. 

For Global Lion Newsletter, International Student Services, Penn State University.

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