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Back to where we started August 8, 2010

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5 years ago I was 21, going on 22. Hundred and five pounds. Single. Peppy.

Met this guy. 24,  mean and lost. At least as lost as I was as a new graduate student.

Today, we’re still lost and I’m again a new graduate student. The single grey hair that I brought with me has turned into a hundred on my head and the “single” on my husband’s, who happens to be the mean and lost guy.

He by the way is no longer a new graduate student. 29 years old and 9 pounds lighter, he’s working on the sprint– up, out and ahead.  Peppier than I remember meeting him.  Fathering a bunny.

Mothering the bunny, I am 5 years older, running on 27 and low fuel. Well 50 pounds heavier and in all honesty, not running all that much. But loving it nonetheless.


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