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Kukee (1999-2009) September 12, 2010

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There are so many more memories, that only you and I share, like how the first morning with you, you barked at me and I couldnt get off the bed because I was scared of dogs and the door was locked from inside so no one could ‘rescue’ me from you. Sep 16 1999. That’s probably why I was always the ‘stupid one’ between us.

You are wiser than me, more realized than me. If I was even close to what you are, I’d probably know where you are now. All I can hope for is you’re at peace and you’re happy and comfortable. That you’ve met Ghotai and can somehow still understand me.

It was nice growing up with you, and not having you as a pet, but as an equal. No one else might think so, but you and I sure did.

I’ll always be lonely without you. I love you.

I really don’t like that brother of yours. Don’t try patching us up.
Sometime in 2001…

Proud Mommy–Look at that smile
Yes, my daughters need discipline, but don’t keep them behind bars.
April 2005

Nothing like a sunny Calcutta winter day
Jan 2007

I like this friend of yours.
Jan 2007 But I really dont like to be touched, no not even by her
Jan 2007 Dont I have the sweetest little smile?
Jan 2007 face in the wind
Dec 2006 With Ghotai in my old room, or hers.
Dec 2006 Look at shaggy
Dec 2006 Hey you grumpy-face-bushy-tail
Dec 2006 Bumba and his little sister
March 2008 Chin up
March 2008 Yeah one with the bed
March 2008 Feeling like Jelly
March 2008 Yep Sleepy Face
March 2008 She must have been really sleepy
March 2008 Sleeping with the enemy
March 2008 Cozy with the new found hubby for sis.
Jan 2009 Meeting the sister’s in-laws
Jan 2009 With Toobs–check out the matching hair cut!
Jan 2009 With Baba
Dec 2008 The ‘what is it’ look that sets me straight.
Only if I was as wise as her… lazy time in the morning, wonder what you were thinking.
Dec 2008 in the middle of every conversation “My sis is getting married”
Dec 2008 upright w/ the family Dec 2008 liked some quiet time
Dec 2008 that’s her bed, or she acted like it was.
Dec 2008 her favorite perch. no one could do ‘this’half circle into my lap as well.
Jan 2009 taking my place…a tradition with her.
Jan 2007 With the family, not sure if she liked the drama
Jan 2009

Yes she had the straight hair that I never can have.
Sep 2009 Yep…that’s the perch.
Sep 2009 Never liked to be cuddled, until recently.
Sep 2009 Ma making a list for me before I leave and Kuk’s at her comfy best
Sep 2009 My mother’s daughter. Always at her feet
Sep 2009 …………………………………………………………………. She was not always the saint everyone thought she was. I remember her being locked in Mom’s room for a couple hours and she ripped her clothes off and peed all over them. She used to have gala times with the kitchen trash basket, especially eggshells and veggie-skins.

Not so surprised now that Ghotu was her daughter, huh?
She was quiet, bordering on stealthy, loved stealing shondesh from any plates left on the center table by the guests.
She was quiet to a fault but would yell your ears off if you entered what she considered her place to protect–Mom’s bedroom. She hated Santosh. and she bit the priest.
She held her daughters by the ear if they climbed on Mom’s bed or squabbled amongst themselves or in any way deserved to be disciplined.

I saw her go from a girl to a woman, a mother. Someone who would bite and chew of any available smell of bone, became a supine feeder for her hungry, greedy, mischievous daughters. I saw her go from a fun loving chirpy youth to a ferocious protective Mom suckling her tiny babies.

And she saw me weave my way through moves and boys–juvenile to more, from one failure to another. And looked at me, like she was about to burst into a plethora of words and advice and rebuke.

She’s around now, telling me to go back to work, to go to sleep early, to do whats prudent, to realize. Maybe someday. Hopefully soon.


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