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Purple meets Brown August 27, 2011

So they scared me a lot, adopting a beagle mix would not go so well with the bunny we have. I went the extra length, worrying about the worst. My canine kid hurting my husband’s laprine cuteness could be detrimental for our domestic life. Husband however fell absolutely in love with Brownie #thankful!, such is the power of two imploring pug eyes and the forever yours, snuggle.
So finally after much deliberation about when and how the best time was for them to meet, we decided on the Irene weekend. The New York trip was now cancelled, it seemed prudent to avoid New England altogether and hide in the crevices of Lion Country. Not much transpired at 3 AM last night, not much at least to wake me up fully to notice. But today after decided long-stays and smell-exchanges (petted Pupu, let Brownie sniff, petted Brownie and let Pupu acclimatize to the smell). Next Brownie looks imploringly to the husband as if to complain “why is she not playing with me?” then looks at Pupu like “hey you want to play?”…. I take B-dog out for our hour-long walk. He comes back, slurps water and as I am washing his leash and toys of trail mud, he follows me around… minutes later it’s just me and the 2 kids and Brownie stealthily walks up to her, looking terrified. tries to sniff her cage, tail between his legs and scampers away.
Body taut and long like a wiener, he stretches himself, inquisitive about this new person in his house. Shy and scared but curious and playful–my son. He gives me the “no one is playing with me” look at the park sometimes. My heart goes out to him, especially when that the other dogs snatch his favorite blue beagle and give him a run for it.
Anyway so now he’s sitting behind the husband carefully staring at Pupu, will he get a friend in her? The worried, furrowed eyes. Will he learn to play well? To act sibling?…time will tell.


4 Responses to “Purple meets Brown”

  1. ivy Says:

    i hope they get along well…i bet it will be a treat to watch your kids play….:)

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