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More Purple & Brown August 29, 2011

Continued from https://unstreamlined.wordpress.com/2011/08/27/purple-meets-brown/So things have been going pretty well between the 2. Brownie is not that scared of the moving black fur-ball anymore, in fact he is so excited about playing with his new friend, he gave her a good run around the living room (or so I hear…this happened in my absence, to my husband’s dismay).

But, what is extraordinary is, he has developed a penchant for her lifestyle…er…her digestive lifestyle. We learned that dogs have a thing for bunny poop; which, as disgusting as it sounds, is not very surprising. Rabbits are herbivorous and not the best digesting engines, so their poop is basically high-vitamin, high-fiber, ill-absorbed mush lightly processed into delectable (for my kids!) pellets.

What struck me as hilarious was Brownie also stole Pupu’s hay! Yes, not the processed fiber, but the raw, dry, green timothy hay, one straw at a time. He’s peeking into her cage stealing her poop and hay and then licking water from her bottle. Needless to say, Pupu wasn’t very happy Much more relaxed around him, yes. But not happy.


Brownie even got a showdown at the dog-park for all the “Bunny-smell” he’s carrying now (we think or it could just be territorial, mean hounds). Husband is proud that B stood his ground, defended himself and didn’t come crying to Mommy. Never mind that Mommy almost fainted inside and practically cried all evening at the thought of her son being mauled by those other vicious canines.

Today, at the dog park, I watched B around a poodle pup. He chases the tiny thing to glory but never touches him. Maybe that’s his real gentle self. I am so proud of him. So maybe he is scared of bunnies a sixth his size, or aerosols, maybe he likes his alone time on the grass, or to bring home random gifts of dry leaves, twigs and acorns from his walks… but hey, show me one boy who’s more sensitive, smart and sweet and I’ll get you a bunny to match his wit! 🙂


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