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Perfect day September 18, 2011

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You know one of those days you have this intrinsic belief that life is good? Like good mornings and good days and good rest-of-the-afternoons are supposed to be meant and actually happen?
That people–the real kind, the true kind, the happy kind exist? And are around us?

That things we lose do come back? Sometimes sooner than we expect and rather effortlessly?

And the sun is warm at the right angles and the breeze is blowing in the right direction? The grass perfectly mowed, ever so slightly moist? The sky, a perfect blue?

When you feel loved, not the butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of way, but just safe, comfortable and loved. And while the parents play with their toddlers and people walk their dogs and little boys run around in absolute mayhem, you’re relaxed in a weird way, because you are not restless, not waiting and not wanting anything else. Everything and everyone you like is right there, right then and it’s all alright.
Yup, we had a perfect moment of pure contentment today.
# Life is Good


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