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My dog watches dogs on TV October 21, 2011

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Shopper marketing conjures images of a mother shopping for a kid. But given how often we come across opinionated kids, the whole idea of marketing for products that the shopper herself does not consume, transports me from kid products to pet products. The poor huggable beasts who have our choices and opinions juxtaposed all over their being.

Take the example of Brownie’s leash… I dislike pink. I dig Life is Good though. And I can see why a pink Life is Good leash might just suit his very lofty, spoiled personality and intensely manipulative cuteness. Plus I get away with shopping random stuff for him without letting my choices tarnish the perception of my personality. Same goes with his pink pillows, his blue and brown bowl, bed etc. My friends aptly pointed out, you’re the own who bought it, why blame the pink-loving on him?

I silently agreed to that until recently when I caught Brownie staring intently at the Martha Stewart Pets Collection ad, followed soon after by Iams and most recently the Traveler’s Insurance Auto Coverage ad. Am I hallucinating or can he actually recognize his kind up on the screen? Wonder if they’re using something sub/hyper sonic that we can’t recognize and our pawed friends can…?


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