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Best thing July 18, 2012

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Our move was tough and hectic, to say the least and I don’t think we’ve had the chance to sleep it off yet. We owe it to a lot of amazing people who helped us load, unload, acclimatize and catch up. While most of them were old friends, work friends and new neighbors, a certain stranger deserves mention.

No she was not here to help us and the story is not about how she touched our hearts.

It was hot and tiring and very late. Second day of the move–we are packing Natick (read throwing whatever we can in boxes, bags and bins). Our pizza order was 90 minutes late. My husband calls the pizza place, the lady says there’s an issue with the driver and that she will deliver shortly.

Minutes later, I am signing the receipt, the warm, now-empty living room is smelling of hot cheese and floury crust; and suddenly I noticed Brownie is nowhere to be seen. I started calling his name and someone said he’s downstairs … near our neighbors’ doors. Neighbors who weren’t very nice. I ran down screaming his name to find him sitting with the pizza lady, consoling her, while she was crying and petting him. I was almost embarrassed. She looked up at me and said “he’s with me. He’s ok, he’s the best thing that happened to me today. I am feeling better now” as she sobbed and wiped her eyes.

I didn’t ask her what happened or if she was ok. I muttered if she needed anything or if I could help… but couldn’t finish my sentence. I just wanted to tell her, it’s ok to cry to him. I often have that reaction too, B is my little angel. He brings me his toys and comes and hugs me when I am sad, or crying or in pain. He knows and lets me know that he knows. Understands. And wants to make me feel better. And he can. I didn’t say anything. I smiled, mumbled a ‘take care’ and let them be. My little guy followed me upstairs, then snuggled close to my knees when we sat to the floor to eat. Mostly hoping that I would drop crumbs that he could have. He knew how proud I was of him.

Today the following picture of Facebook reminded me of that lady and that she understood what Just a Dog could do. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10100805701130500&set=p.10100805701130500&type=1

I am so glad I have him in my life.


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