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On traffic and driving in Massachusetts January 3, 2013

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I like to believe I am a good person. Honest, fair and for the most part, pleasant. I smile when smiled at, I laugh at jokes (and jokers), I respond truthfully to most questions.
I have a set of rules that I try to abide by. I waste less, I save for the rainy day (from rubber bands to plastic bags), I give openly. I believe in small changes, in internal peace and in having fun. I try to spend some time with Nature regularly. I try to do at least one good thing everyday.

Lately, I feel like I have been spending way too much time sitting in traffic on the impersonal, dirty, dark highways in Massachusetts.

My Nature time happens when I roll my window down near Medford. The quota of doing good is limited to letting 1 car get in the lane before me in East Cambridge.
I practice deep breathing when the radio- omnipresence of Justin Beiber or Taylor Swift suffocate me. I have fun when I can beat 3 signals in a row and cut my commute by 7 minutes or more.
If you have ever lived in or driven in Massachusetts, you probably have your share of horror stories or sweet memories of self-emancipation.
In all this, it makes my day when I can squeeze my mid-size SUV through a tight spot and the guy next to me gives me a thumbs up rather than his middle finger. It makes my day to see more and more people driving smaller cars and hybrids, while in my mind’s eye, I see my SUV as a Smart car. Only bigger. It makes me happy to push the brakes for the rightful pedestrian, it makes me feel big to protect them from sneaky, greedy drivebys.

Overall, when the weather is safe without glaring suns or black ice or storms, the coffee –hot, the calendar –forgiving, the commute is a good time to practice self-control and reflex responses. It is also a good time to rehearse hate mail and snide remarks, as well as deliberate on consumer behavior insights and market trends.

Only let it be short, let it please be short. And interesting.


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