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Fostering FAQ 1: Getting attached July 2, 2013

Filed under: Pets — Kolika C @ 11:08 am

Don’t you get attached?
How do you let go?

BIg dog, small dog, small dogs

Yes I do get attached and you will too. Some more than others. It’s hard to let them go. After I drop off the foster at their forever home, it’s a sense of emptiness and satisfaction, that makes you get your next foster ASAP.
Some dogs (their parents told me later) have cried for me after I dropped them off and some others seemed to totally ignore when I left. Two-way sword and both make me sad.
But it is so rewarding to know what a difference you made. You know you not only saved a (dog’s) life, but enriched so many others–the adoptive family, the next dog you will foster etc. NOt to mention, when an adopting family sends you pictures and updates, or when you make reference calls and someone says they really appreciate what you do for the animals & that they want to adopt an animal someday too…well that’s just why we do what we do


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