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Fostering FAQ 3: Time Management July 5, 2013

Filed under: Pets — Kolika C @ 1:33 pm

I am too busy to foster. How do you manage time?
How much time does it take?

Of course, it takes time. It takes time to gain trust, to take pictures, to understand a dog, to connect with the dog, to get them adopted and to get over their absence. But it doesn’t really take that much time either. You almost never have to give them constant attention. Most fosters gain so much by just the space, food and acceptance you give them. I am not saying ignore the rest of the needs, but even if all you can do is take them out, feed them, advertise them and get them adopted–it’s a better life than the euthanasia or abuse they were facing otherwise.
Sometimes, fosters like to be near you but doing their own thing. While I write this, my half-blind foster who came in couple days ago is snoozing on an old blankie, watching TV with his 1 good eye. Just happy to be here.

Lets not try to hide it, we are all so busy. Work, family, our resident pets, our causes, our passions, ourselves. I, for one, am on a constant guilt trip that I am short-changing someone in the whole game. Of course, some days are better than others. Being stretched thin makes me feel productive but make no mistake, I am no role-model. I keep saying I wish I could do a little more, so one day, tired with my whining another very kind volunteer told me "You do what you can – which is HUGE. If every person did what they could for even a week, more animals would be saved." And that is true. Do what you can, it will be enough.

The organization you volunteer for would be a big part of how strained or productive you are with your time. Join an organization that values it’s volunteers and fosters and respects their time. It is important to be in a network of people who can trade favors, who reach out to ask for and give help. Help make this a rewarding experience for yourself. I believe, I foster to destress myself and it does help me a lot.


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