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Travel: A November weekend in Maine December 17, 2014

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They said it was “worth a visit, worth a lifetime”, they forgot to mention it was going to be worth the drive with a nauseated puppy, a time-crunched husband and an over-worked wife. Totally worth it, for the canine and his humans alike.
I think I am moving from the cheap, fast, efficient traveler to a care-hungry, leisure-monger. So Cape Elizabeth was perfect. We did nothing. So really not glass wheels worthy. Nothing to write about. But still I will, because I want to keep this thing going in my head.
Nothing but the beach, the view, the stroll, the food, the wine. (Read reviews at my tripadvisor page). The 55 degree weather in late November, made for the doable but very serene beach walks. This is probably the closest we will ever come to a private beach. At 7AM when I took B for his morning walk, we were the only souls on a mile long stretch. Blue water, cold breeze.

This trip was a lot about realizing life has us on leashes, but the leashes are often longer than we realize. B and us enjoyed our long-leashed, short walk.

This was our second honeymoon. Long due. Why now you ask? Well we looked for events to celebrate, so we could stop thinking  of the excuses. And at dinner, we found one. The closest we ever came to acknowledging that we are a couple– humane, palpable  and fallible (in love?), yup we celebrated a nondescript weekend from 7 thanksgiving breaks ago. And it felt good to not say, oh we needed to get away.

To reach out and say thanks.


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