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Design: baby shoe organizer July 5, 2015

Filed under: Uncategorized — Kolika C @ 8:59 am

30 minutes to a easy, cute IKEA hack. No you don’t have to be a power tool yielding DIY-er. (Although it doesn’t hurt) you just have to believe, every item has the potential to become almost anything else it wants to.

A spice rack is never just a spice rack.  
With some scotch tape and paint, it’s a blank canvas.

  It’s a place to add embellishments- you know your bugs and butterflies, or cars and dinosaurs, or beads and pompous.
And most importantly, it’s a way to organize your entryway.  Especially with those tiny shoes that are always scattered and lost. Can I just take a moment here and say, no matter  what I make and how I design anything- nothing, absolutely nothing, are as cute as baby shoes.  
How do you organize your baby shoes?


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