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Food April 18, 2010

I am the poster-girl for gluttony. My love for food exceeds my craving for all other luxuries in life (well almost…) My synapses are trained to connect everything in life to a particular food item–anything from homesickness, PMS, moron-training-frustration or celebration-for-selling-that-car. I feel lucky that my Mom and now, my husband understand this.
Well I am not just a lover of food, my cravings are rather strong AND particular. I am also a terribly picky eater.
When I first moved out of home, my weekends were burning bad on badly cooked eggs, it was like a wake-up call. Either I had to learn to cook (well) or learn to like what I cooked. I did the former.

I am a (erstwhile) food scientist, but make no mistake, I am no chef extraordinaire…no sir! These posts  here are just some of my keepsake culinary exploits from mostly a pre-Pinterest era:  recipes collected and tried, a few serendipitous short-cuts and quickies, lessons learned that I come back to often. In short, here is how I appease my everyday hunger in a little less everyday fashion.

Have fun!


One Response to “Food”

  1. Ashwini Says:

    Ah, what a tease. Lovely introduction to the sins of a food lover !

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