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Baked eggs in bread: healthy breakfasts December 19, 2011

The idea was simple and adapted from the noble pig’s food blog. I love my toasts crunchy and my eggs done with the yolks gooey; this was all that in a convenient little package plus a little on the richer, creamier, cheesier, healthier side… (Take that!)

Take a burger bun, split, scoop out the inside of one side (the thicker one, you will use the thinner side later) to make a bread bowl; crack open an egg and pour it in the bowl. I added fresh cilantro and lots of ground pepper, some people might like it saltier but for me the yolk is just perfect I don’t like playing with nature here. Then in an oven heated to 400F bake this for 15 minutes or until the egg white looks almost done.
Meanwhile slather the thin side of the bun with cheese like the laughing cow chipotle or herbs and garlic one. LC cheese doesn’t get too melty, holds its own and is one of the very few things in my pantry  that is low-calorie (for those familiar with my “eat happy not healthy” mantra: this makes me so happy that I don’t mind the healthy).
Place this on top of your almost done egg bread bowl, cheesy side down and bake for another 3 minutes. Take it out, garnish with herbs, condiments (or not) and enjoy.
You can make as many as you want, zero prep time, total cook time 20 minutes or less. Very few and very basic ingredients. And overall a perfect crowd pleaser when feeding large groups of hungry people with finicky and unpredictable tastes and appetites.


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