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Holy Fish- fast & easy July 23, 2010

A super quick grilled fish recipe. Freezer to esophagus in 25 minutes.

I used tilapia, but really any white solid textured fillet should be ok.

3-8 min: Thaw the frozen fillets half-way, when they’re still icy but come off from each other and are soft to the touch. That makes sure there’s juice inside.

Meanwhile, Start the grill, Spritz some oil spray.

1 min 30 sec: Cut each fillet into 4.

2 min 30 sec: Salt them. add one tbsp of ginger garlic paste for 3 fillets, 1 tbsp soya sauce + 1 tbsp sriracha hot sauce (preferably premixed). apply well. Spread some dry unsalted dill.

30 sec: Place on grill, sprinkle more dill and cover.

3-5 min: after the fish is white and flaky, turn over (a lot of people including hubs doesnt wanna do this since it heats from both sides in a G.Foreman, but I like to have double grill marks and well done but juicy meat) after another couple min when the air is full of dill flavor, take them out.

30 sec: Drizzle lemon juice, sriracha or spicy mayo

Hubs likes this with beer, I love it on a bed of soft buttery rice. I’m sure potato wont be bad either.


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