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Lamb Dinner July 21, 2010

I tried something new today..I cooked lamb shanks couple weeks back so I had some boneless lamb meat excess that I had to use up and some left over chopped apricots from last week (I tore off the original pack and they would get rancid..you know nuts!)

Chopped the lamb, ginger, garlic, coriander powder, salt wound them tightly in Al foils and let in the oven (400F) for a few minutes..I had to finish watching the end of the Law&Order episode 😛
Next I opened them up, fried the pieces with some cinnamon powder, some cardamom seeds and a little cumin (don’t ask me how much..I don’t know). When I started to get a good smell and the pieces looked like rare steaks, I added the apricots. I coated my baking pan with Al foil, with one side hanging long enough so I could cover the meat with it–transfered the meat on the pan, with the juice/thin spice sauce (not bloody juice), covered it well so nothing drips..set it in teh oven at 350F. I like my meat tender. So I cook longer, but hey, if you want it rare or medium..your choice..remember what USDA says though.. Meat cooked to inside temp of 160 F is safe (regardless of color).

from old blog: kolika.blogspot.com Feb 2008


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