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Oreo Truffles November 5, 2010


There were lots of things I had to complain about in Dunkirk NY. Neither MS Excel nor Oreos were among them. Such is my brand loyalty, such was my dedication to drive up Nabisco’s top line for 3 consecutive years. Come 10 ‘o clock, I would recluse myself into a corner of my cubicle to have breakfast while sipping unfathomably bad coffee: breakfast which comprised a 6 pack of Oreo cookies.  A breakfast which I have offered to many a senior executive when they hovered around my desk over a project. I am only hospitable!

Jokes apart, driving Nabisco’s revenue system up was not on my mind when I started getting addicted to Oreo. I needed something to gulp my coffee with and the vending machine had nothing better to offer and thus started my affair with Oreos, the unscrupulousness I promptly and symbolically ended when I left Dunkirk, I was getting away from stress, bye-bye stress-buster.

But lo and behold, Business school happened to me (talk about stress!)

One recent, tired Friday evening in Happy Valley, I showed up at a friend’s party and met this old flame all bundled up in dark chocolate, so well dressed up that I didn’t recognize it, even in my 3rd serving. By the 4th, I was gracious enough to ask for the recipe, made a mental note to ask Mom to make me some and even planned to drop by at Wegman’s to buy the ingredients when I left the party.  When I heard what went into the deliciousness, I had to give this preface. Its only so me.

I made them thrice, each time a little modified from my friend’s original

recipe, until I had it hit my personalized sweet spot. Simple to make, hassle free to clean up, delicious!! Also popular party poppers.  Here’s my latest twist to his original

Crush 24 cookies

Mix in 4 oz of cream cheese with the ground awesomeness. Knead them together until smooth and homogeneous.

Roll into 1/2 inch balls.

Melt dark chocolate and drizzle/dip/ roll the balls in the chocolate.  (I like the flavor of the truffle center more than the chocolate coating so I go light, but you can doctor up a better technique that suits your taste,  the original recipe also had extra ground cookies to roll the truffle in as an extra layer of coating)

Refrigerate on wax paper for couple hours. Enjoy the yummy-lucious-ness!


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