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PMS Pancakes July 22, 2010

This Mocha-Cinna-chocolate pancake oughtta be your PMS breakfast– the gluten free, super satisfying, super warm chocolatey kind.

I mashed up a handful of Choco Pebble cereal and added it to my rice flour, corn starch mix (2:1). Next I sprinkled some ground coffee powder (Steep and Brew’s Chocolate Nirvana). I made that into a paste with water and then added some leftover coffee from my brewing pot. Gave it a nice mocha color. Next I added couple eggs (8 eggs to 1 cup flour) and stirred the Mighty Lord out of it. I also put in 2 spoons of Equal and a cinnamom stick (scoop it out before you fry). Feel free to substitute with sugar and cinnamon powder.

Then went in the real ingredient, semi-sweet chocolate chips;  stir it well so each spoonful has enough but not too many. I like a lot of chocolate in mine, but this one you can adjust.

Fry by the spoonful, flip and fry again…and you have light crispy goodness of melty dark chocolate–that’s about enough to get me frying another batch.

Dazzle up with some hot fudge, cinnamon powder and whipped cream if you may. Curl up and enjoy!


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