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Spicy Dessert Shells April 23, 2011

you need:

Phyllo dough cups

Cream cheese (plain)

Apricot Jelly

Spices: ginger powder, cardamoms (whole or powder), chilli powder

Nuts: almonds, cashews

Fruits: raisins, cranberries, dried pineapples

Here’s how:

Mix 1 tsp of ginger powder, 5 broken cloves of cardamom and 1 tbsp red chilli powder into plain cream cheese. Blend well to get rid of pockets.

Pour in mixed nuts, mixed (dark, milk and white) chocolate chips, peanut butter drops, raisins and other dried fruits and spoon together well such that they are held together well.

Scoop a little (such that it carries 4-6 nuts and fruits and the spicy cheese mix) and spoon into the phyllo dough cups and set aside.

garnish with a dollop of Apricot Jelly for absolutely sexy and delectable 10minute mini-desserts.


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