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Pittsburgh: pitted in steel & glass November 27, 2010

I had been tipping a friend today on one-day must-does of Pittsburgh, and realized how much of that I have been doing lately. Given how extensively I write about trivia to short getaways, it is pure injustice to myself and my ‘burgh misadventures that I took so long to write about my favorite small town.

At Pittsburgh, there are things I have missed out on, despite strong advices and golden opportunities…some of which I still try to make up for; and then there are those I have lived, some of them many times; all of which I am finally listing. But in the interest of time, I will spare you my blooming emotions (very unstreamlined-ish), and provide links instead.

Lets start with the self-misgivings.

Dale Chihuly @ Phipps

Mattress Factory

Andy Warhol Museum

Carnegie Science Center

Cathedral of Learning

Movies in the Park @ Schenley

Funny Bone @ Station Square

Now those that I did NOT MISS and implore you not to either:

Mt Washington

the inclines

the restaurants

Southside Works

Station Square

Shadyside restaurants

Three Rivers Arts Festival

Pittsburgh Film-makers Film festivals

Eclectic Squirrel Hill, Frick & Schenley Parks @ night

Cruise on the rivers

Kassab’s on Carson

Primanti Brothers

The Zoo

The Aviary

4th of July fireworks by the river

I had the blissful times of doing Pittsburgh like a local as well as like a tourist–novice, chiseled and back to ‘forever wide-eyed’;
and my glass wheels are testament to the fact that there are very few ways you can go wrong with this city!

I hope you enjoy what is popularly known as the good, bad and boring in the ‘Burgh! and script your own history in steel and glass.


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