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London Brick Lane & Spitalfields February 18, 2017

My London experience would be brutally incomplete if I didn’t spend a whole day meandering in Brick Lane musing at street art and drooling non-stop at the rotating skillset of local currency of amusement.



Once an immigrant neighborhood of Bangladeshi restaurants, IMHO still reason enough to haunt it for delish food, today Brick Lane beckons more  than the brabeheart foodie who is looking for exotic food. Teeming with local street art, street performers, design houses and studios, it’s a mecca for pop cultures and design hogs, it’s a place for anyone who’s lapping up the millenial culture culture, tapping on Pinterest or any of the above. It caters to everybody’s palates and then some. To my dismay that is. It is so crowded and rightfully so. There is just no place for boring. The street art is phenomenal. The music is always lively. Life is always ahumming.

Waddling in the weekend crowd of foodie and music enthusiasts, passionate shoppers and London lovers of all things curious, my friend and I , along with my mother and my son- the enthusiastic bunch that we are-  entered Spitalfields.


Crosstown Doughnuts

And under my friend’s keen guidance, (he just happens to be our local tour guide!), I went home, a believer in donuts. America- I am sorry but you just don’t do donuts right, okay? Sorry. What you call donuts just do  not qualify anymore. PS: I love you Dunkin’ but really I’m hurt.

I also went home richer by some major fun pop-art shopping. Once again, Fab you got nothing on me.  And I am not even a shopper. Reindeer hats to dual message doormats, to Harry Potter shirts Spitalfields I wish I lived closer to you! But I am kind of sorry too many people already know about you. You’re the reason I am going to head back to London this spring. And this time, I am bringing more room in my carryon bag!


Spitalfields Market