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London List February 18, 2017

I was chatting with my cousin and this and that brought us to the topic of visiting London. I had just been with my 3 year old and going back in a couple months. She’s visiting for the first time in a few months shortly after… so what are some things I would recommend for my favorite tiny people, she asked. So here it goes:

Parks- lots of park time  and London has no dearth of them but J and my favorite is:

  1. St. James’ park…go early morning and early evening for some special peace and quiet and bird viewing.
  2. Hyde Park is also a fantastic park to run and play in

Book stores: J & I recommend

  1. Paddington of course at the Paddington station
  2. Shakespeare Globe
  3. Tate Modern because this Mama drools a little about design and architechture and kicks herself in her sleep about the book she picked up but didn’t buy when her friend came to see her and blah blah blah and then she forgot the name of the book she was going to get so whoever is going there can you please get it? arrgh I am digressing
  4. Daunt Books Covent Gardens
  5. Stamfords
  6. Buckingham Palace Souvenir Store

Theater: I mean obviously I would say watch HP if you can but you can’t so just go watch Mama Mia and cry yourself to sleep ….no seriously with your kids, go watch

  1. Gruffalo
  2. Matilda
  3. anything playing at the Globe if you can, because if you can why wouldn’t you?


  1. St. Paul Cathedral go up…all the way up and watch the sun go down. It’s super strenuous so keep your child with the lazier of the spouses and go alone. Then when the organs play, thank me later.
  2. London Eye  choose a clear day and just do it. you’ll love it, they will love it. win-win.
  3. Buckingham palace and guard change…walk around, read the signs (it’s not everyday and happens only at specific times) if a reasonably comfortable day, do it, the kids will enjoy.
  4. Paddington Map…follow the bear’s trails! go for it. your bibliophile will love it
  5. follow your nose and go buy some fresh food at Borough Market
  6. Brick Lane & Spitalfields market– eat, shop and dig some art
  7. Shakespeare Globe/ Tate Modern/ Piccadilly Wharf area
  8. explore the Tower Bridge
  9. walk the Millennium Bridge

Of course there are a billion more things to do, but this is where I would start for a 3 day itinerary to London. This is for you V. Have fun.


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