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London with my toddler Day 1 November 23, 2016

We just hopped on a plane to London for a week and a half, right around Thanksgiving. Originally planned for 5 days and later extended to 10, this was a gift to ourselves, taking some time for us- Mama & J to relax and reconnect, meet with friends and see a new city. Planned somewhat on a whim, while texting back and forth with a friend, off we were to London!

By the time we left, it has already snowed once in Boston this year. It’s already freezing. The election + related catastrophe are already wrecking havoc all over the ‘New World’ and even in our beloved New England… Old England has to be better than all that, despite Brexit etc., right? So hopes Mommy and J seems confident too. So we planned our luggage to a minimum, forgot some essentials of course and after a day of miscellaneous ailments  for J and aches for Mommy, tantrums for J and work stress for Mommy, we set off.

Not to jinx it but London greeted us with warmer weather and people than we were expecting and used to in Boston. Day 1 was mostly about meeting friends and family, catching up on sleep, walking around in Southwark + London Bridge area, catching glimpses of Southwark Cathedral, the Shard, the Tower Bridge as we strolled across the Thames on London Bridge. The most remarkable takeaway from today besides seeing our old friends was probably the deliciousness of Borough Market.

It is of course easier to sit and tell stories when the days are less packed. As jet lag weans and the trips gels the accounts might get more visual. But there’s so much more to come.



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