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Spain December 3, 2014

It is difficult to start this travelogue because I don’t know who the protagonist should be-

the mother who just took her world traveler infant to Europe for the first time,

the wife who’d been to Rome for her honeymoon 5 years back and subconsciously uses that trip as a measure for all travels with her husband, or your usual glass-wheel bound girl for whom this was the 11th country she was visiting and still as giddy as the first time she set foot out the door alone.

I vote for the traveler who loves to plan, measure and calculate but then thrives on surprises and lives for the unexpected. The traveler who packs light and underdresses but saves enough napkins for those accidental spills her son makes. The traveler who saves on dinner but have double lunches, breakfasts, meriendas (Spanish meal between lunch and dinner) and jol-khabar (snack) at will. The traveler for whom every travel is culinary travel and who believes in the power of cake and icecream to appease herself and her son (and her husband and her mother and her friends). So let’s get started.

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