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Travel: London Day 2  November 24, 2016

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Our second day in London with toddler, grandma and mama started with a hearty breakfast and a stroll to London Bridge.
Following that we walked down through the alleys of Borough market to Pickfords Wharf to the remains of Winchester castle and then onwards to Shakespeare Globe. We would have loved to be a groundling today but the Little Matchgirl is playing all week and that just makes me incredibly sad. Also grounding-ing with a toddler would be tough who by now was napping hard. We got him his first intro to Shakespeare today. And with that comes a little foray into 400 year old British/ world/ human history for a boy who’s not yet 3 (Amused). Go ahead judge me.



Next we tottered to the little Christmas market set up at South Bank (almost next door) in front of Tate Modern. Here’s Grandma enjoying some churros with hot chocolate.

See the featured pic- I love the juxtaposition of this where the clean curves of Millennium Bridge stem from Tate Modern and lead to St. Paul’s Cathedral across the Thames, with a little Christmas charm and glitter in between.

Helpful stranger gives J a life as he chooses ornaments to take home to Boston


After spending 2-3 hours browsing genuine high quality handmade items and sampling market food and fish and chips, we walked back to the hotel only to realize we’d left something back.

So back I went, picked it up and realized that toddler was now snacking and napping with grandma in the hotel, meaning I had some serious art browsing time and I was inside Tate Modern. It’s fate people. Within seconds I was at the fourth floor, internally weeping in front of a Guerrilla Girls exhibit. img_1699-2

6PM and Cinderella’s magic would be wearing off soon and Tate would be closing so I left the other floors for another day and walked back to the hotel, rather fulfilled and genuinely happy with myself. 

It’s rare that you get the joys of traveling solo, traveling with kids, traveling with your mom and seeing your friends all on the same trip. 

London, the more I see you, I feel like you’re that tertiary contact I’ve heard so much about but never got the chance to meet, that contact all my closer friends eyerolled and had a snide remark to say about but everyone forgot to mention how similar we actually are and how well we would gel together. It’s nice getting to know you. Let’s see how the next few days go.


Design/ Gardening: Repurposing plastic bottles for multiple gardening projects September 22, 2013

Urban gardening with repurposed plastic bottles

Urban gardening with re-purposed plastic bottles



Got bottles? Already tried regrowing green onion bulbs? Too early for daffodils?

Cut them up for multiple uses in your garden.


Design: Even more pottery painting October 13, 2011

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Design: More pottery painting August 3, 2011

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So after attending to my new kitchen’s needs (see Pottery Painting) I turned my attention to  my bathroom which very very unfortunately has pink tiles. and I have a bunny named Purple! ….

What was I thinking?

Lace painting on ceramics @ Thrown Elements, Arlington Heights, IL.








Neat little place if you ask me. We did a little pottery painting party there with 3 of my lovely friends and it was special to say the least. Here’s another set:


Rolling stones gathering stories August 10, 2010

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So I was working with some stones we collected in AZ and UT in our recent travels. And a jeweler friend mentioned how various stones were known for their healing properties and such.

Whether I choose to believe every detail in entirety or not, the color coded brain wants to gather these details and man! do I love stones? I picked and chose these from the array of info available in books and online. (more to come)

So here you go:


In the world of crystal healing, Turquoise is supposed to be a stone of communication. New Age healers recommend it for people who have a fear of public speaking. They believe it has the ability to make a speaker more eloquent, loving, creative and honest. But it is also improves the mental state overall by increasing all of the following positive mental characteristics: serenity, creativity, empathy, positive thinking, sensitivity, intuition, happiness

wisdom all of which result in a calmer state that leads to greater self-realization.

It is also considered a stone of friendship. As a communication stone, the New Age believers say that it opens up the connections between friends and allowing love to flow in those communications, which strengthens the friendship bond. Further, they believe it has the power to strengthen convictions, courage and personal power.


Aventurine has been used as a lucky talisman and is a popular stone for gamblers.

Legends say that it is an all-purpose healer, used to reduce stress, develop confidence, imagination and improve prosperity. A legend from ancient Tibet says that aventurine was used to improve nearsightedness and to increase the wearer’s creativity.

Many believe that aventurine has the capacity to calm a troubled spirit and bring about inner peace.

Pink Opal

The opal is said to be many things including the most powerful of healing stones, the stone of hope, the stone of great achievement and even the “stone of the Gods”. Ancient Romans associated opal with hope and good luck.

It is said to be the stone of love, but only to faithful lovers.


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Art Show: Art OFF On 2010 July 16, 2010

My booth at Art-Off-On marking the beginning of Polish Student Festival Juwenalia in Chicago IL. July 15


Design: Mosaic: An tree update May 8, 2010

Reminds me of Colorado Springs….


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